New Beginnings – 10/03/2021

Hey friends, I hope you’re all doing well and are all staying safe. Life has been unbelievably beautiful since the moment I decided to pursue tarot full time & of course its all thanks to you guys. I am so privileged that I am able to do this and help redirect and also enlighten those that need more guidance. Its incredible how many doors have opened up to me and I’m thankful for everyone that has taken the time to book a reading, support my cause, and of course I want to give a shout out to several teachers, guidance counselors, and new friends that have helped me in my tarot journey (you know who your are).Thank you for your endless support, knowledge, and love. I am eager to expand my knowledge further to continue to assist others. Moving forward, Im excited to share that within the next 2 weeks, I will be doing reiki training so I can continue to offer more services to those that have been asking and of course it will take some time for me to be fully knowledgable so please bear with me as I take the time to educate myself even further. Thank you all again! sending you all so much love ❤

Catching up – 9/16/2021

Hey friends, I hope you’re all doing well and life has been treating you kindly. This last month I have been slightly inconsistent due to all the traveling I’ve been doing. But after this weekend. I will be spending more time updating my site, uploading more videos to my YouTube channel (If you haven’t subscribed, please support your girl <3) & I will be streaming more consistently. I love what I do and I want to be more consistent with all of you guys. I know so many have been reaching out to either sponsor, help me with my website, or just support my cause and I can’t thank you all enough for all of your endless support. After every reading I feel more connected to myself and feel that I’ve always was meant to be doing this. So for all my new and consistent clients, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have made my journey so rewarding every step of the way. Sending you all love always ❤

Update – 8/15/2021

Hey friends, it’s been a busy last 2 weeks since I’ve launched my site but I’m truly thankful for the new friendships I’ve made on my journey online and the new found support. I’m barley on week 2 and had 3 in-person readings and multiple video readings. I also started another side hustle that I do with my mom that I enjoy and hope to do that with all of my loved ones eventually. It’s been amazing to see everything flowing in my life. Becoming disciplined is difficult but necessary. It’s ok if you mess up throughout your day. Just start again when the opportunity comes. Don’t let one or even a few failures or inconveniences stop you from achieving your goals in mind. A few successes a day are better than nothing. Eventually you will find your rhythm of things.

I’m excited to see how this month will end and to finally show you guys the beginning of our new journey together bringing Flourish to life 🌹 I’ll be in Mexico this weekend and I can’t wait to stream from over there! see you guys soon 🙂

Introduction Video – 8/5/2021

Check out my first YouTube video introducing myself, a little bit about my Tarot journey, and my Non-Profit in the works: Flourish! Please support by subscribing, liking my video, or booking a reading! Here is the first step to making my Flourish a reality ❤

Launching Site??? – 8/4/2021

I’m only a few hours from launching my site and pursuing tarot readings & Flourish full time & I didn’t have any doubts but as I look at the time, 9:09 pm, I was prompted to search the angel number meaning for 909 and this is first picture that I got:

I am very open minded and I wouldn’t be wise or a sage(ittarius) if I wasn’t open to expanding my knowledge by listening to others. I am all ears!!! I don’t know or understand everything, and I humbly understand that and I welcome any knowledge because that makes me a better person. But also, please know a little bit about my background.

I was raised catholic, then converted to christianity and was part of the church extensively from 10-19 y/o and then in college (19-21), I converted to Islam after learning more about it which inspired me to learn more about religion. So I took classes or joined religious events to educate myself further on Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Taoism, Buddism, Catholicism, Christianity again, and a lot more other religions that aren’t very well known in the Western Hemisphere. I was also learning about Tarot in college but tarot isn’t a religion- its a practice of enlightenment. But I continued to expand my knowledge (21-25) and realized that everything I had learned so far, shared the same message of love.

Not just love, but every aspect of love itself. Which includes self love, love for others, love for mother earth, and love for all living things. So I decided a longggg time ago that I wanted to live my life in the most loving way possible but of course its easier said than done. I’m a Queen procrastinator but even though I procrastinate I tend to do a pretty good job but I know I can do things on another level when I’m committed and I’m ready for this new chapter.

Starting tomorrow, I’m going to document my progress in everything that I do in regards to Tarot, Flourish, and my shop. So please support me by watching me or by booking a reading or shopping at my store. Every reading bought; 20% of the proceeds made will go towards Flourish and anything bought at my shop; 30% of the proceeds made will go towards Flourish. Everything in my shop will be handcrafted by me and I will be changing items seasonly so I will always have new products coming in. I’m doing the labor myself because I’m actually a very artsy person and enjoy making hand crafts and also I like to learn and try a multitude of different things so know that everything purchased on my site will be made and sent with so much gratitude and love.

I wish I can keep going, but at this point in time, my eyes are getting droopy but I’m filled with excitement! Tomorrow morning I will launch my site and I have no expectations of how this will turn out but I’m hoping for the best. All I can do is my very best everyday moving forward. Have a good night friends – We will work hard tomorrow after a good nights rest. Sending the Universe a confirmation of my commitment to live this life and to put in the work.

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