About Me

About me

Sun in Sagittarius ~ Moon in Leo~ Rising Cancer~ Mercury in Sagittarius ~ Venus in Capricorn ~ Mars in Capricorn ~ Jupiter in Sagittarius ~ Saturn in Pisces~ Uranus in Capricorn ~ Neptune in Capricorn ~Pluto in Sagittarius

Check out my YouTube Channel for general readings – Kari’s Guided Tarot Messages – https://youtube.com/channel/UCtN44FPYv-BfGtBcs20Qk6w

Experience: I was introduced to Tarot at a young age but wasn’t given the opportunity to really educate myself 4 years ago. Once I started doing readings, they were always free of charge because I wanted people to know, that what I do comes from a very genuine place but with my non profit in mind, that has changed completely. I’m still expanding my knowledge with Tarot and more recently with astrology (because they are 2 separate fields of study).

Tarot is a divination system that uses a set of cards to gain insight & assist us by mentally challenging us to achieve greater control over issues in life like relationships, new opportunities and life changes. So any personal readings purchased will resonate heavily with your situation and want you to pay attention so you take the necessary steps in your life to become the best version of yourself. Astrology is the study of how the positions of the stars and movements of the planets have a influence on events and on the lives and behavior of people which dates back to 2nd millennium BCE.

Thank You: I just want to close off my “about me” section and say this.. I feel so privileged that you all feel so open to support me even though we all share different beliefs. I know we all understand, that regardless of how differently we may think, we’re not that much different after all – we all share the same goal of understanding ourselves better and loving everyone unconditionally – and unconditionally means unconditionally to me 💕 whoever comes to my non profit will be helped regardless of who they are. So thank you again for being part of my journey and seeing beyond who I am and what I believe in

Please support/follow my wonderful and new journey with Tarot and Flourish🙏🏼💕 always so much love to everyone ❤️ thank you and love you all 🌹


(Tarot is not witchcraft, there is no idolizing/praying to any entity, it is all about you & self awareness)