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Quick Introduction

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Kari’s Guided Tarot Messages 💕

Hi friends! My name is Karina (Kari for short) and welcome welcomeeee welcomeeee to my page! You will be able to book/schedule readings, shop at my store, and also see more about my personal life on here on my blog.

My end goal is to assist everyone from the purest state of love with Tarot and by also starting my “non-profit project”; Flourish, at the same time. I want the work that I do which is help provide clarity, redirection, and enlightenment to others, assist me in my childhood dream of building a safe community of homes in underdeveloped countries. Starting with my moms home town in Cananea, Mx.

Growing up, I spent the majority of my life helping many different people in need in different settings. I spent my childhood realizing the harsh reality of this world by spending time with orphans, the elderly, women in safe houses, the poor, etc..

At a young age, I knew my life purpose was connected to helping and guiding others so when I was reintroduced to tarot a few years ago, I decided that I wanted to use my intuitive gifts in a different way. It took a lot of time, prayer, and self reflection to come to terms with my vision. But I am always kindly reminded that its time that I stop letting fear get in my way.

Flourish 🌹

My dream with Flourish, is to create a self-sustaining, eco-friendly community, which helps provides jobs within the community farm, clean food, and shelter. 10% of all readings purchased and 30% of purchases made in my shop will help me fund and make this a reality. The goal with my non-profit is to help everyone flourish and realize their amazing potential 🌹

I want to end my intro, by taking the time to thank you again for visiting my page! If you haven’t already, please follow, like, and subscribe! Your support means absolutely everything to me! Thank you so much again and if you have any questions, please send me a quick email and I will respond as soon as I can!

With much love – Kari 🌹


Fall Tarot Spread🍂

1.A past experience, fear, or theme you’re ready to let go of 2.What hard work has paid off. Whats ready to harvest & celebrate? 3.The core theme of the season 4.A way to stay cozy & care for yourself. Do this now! 5.An area of promising growth to focus on & work towards


Monthly Check-In Spread

1.Your current situation 2.Theme of the month 3.Key goals to pursue 4.Obstacles to overcome 5.Major accomplishments 6.What to avoid 7.What to embrace 8.Where to find support 9.Advice


2 Options Tarot Spread

1.What grounds you 2.Your key motivation 3.Your ideal outcome 4.What you need to know about option 1 5.Likely outcome of option 1 6.What you need to know about option 2 7.Likely outcome opt option 2


Ancestral Connection Tarot Spread

1.A message from your ancestors 2.What is the challenge or lesson of our family? 3.What must I do? 4.How do I make the most with what I have inherited?